The female silhouette is an abstract form. Her shape, and 3D projections exhibit a sculpturesque quality. By definition, a silhouette is a solid shape that has a singular color; its edges match and outline the subject. This woman appears as an iconic figure, a classic feminine ideal and image of beauty.

As a simplified form, she references Neolithic Cycladic Art. Like Cycladic art forms, this silhouette has smooth, curved edges and explores textural contrast. The silhouette cut out is made from stained veneer wood. Her form is made from a natural substance which refers back to how all things are connected to one another. 

Paper wings represent the wings of the divine. A single wing to protect her, the silhouette--the icon, a classic feminine ideal of beauty.

The singular wing symbolizes freedom to fly in circles, a disorientation through which we can gain clarity. The angel's dream of a wing reveals that we can rise above live's challenges.

In this series, stained veneer wood juxtaposed to the shiny silk canvas creates a stunning textural contrast. This is a mixed media series of collages.