Featured Art: The Blue Lady

The Blue Lady : Bonnie Robinson Angueira Fine Art

What is "real"? I AM REAL. I am by definition real, something that has real existence and that must be dealt with in real life. I am ARTIST. I create from what I feel and I expose the naked truth of who I am. I am the Blue Lady. She stands close to eight feet in height, framed; she is a voluptuous fertile figure, a universal icon. She is primarily blue. Her color reflects her inner sense/mood. She is immersed in water except for the upper portion of her head's profile. Longingly, she stares into her father's face desiring his unconditional love. He stares back at her intimately, engaging in eye contact; but, he uses mixed messages, one-hand gestures "come be with me", while the other hand rejects her and tells her to "stay away". Her hair flows mimicking the water's waves. She is bound and defined by what she produces. She is the positive form. She is bold, strong and vulnerable. She is endowed with the qualities that men desire; but wants to be loved and valued for who she is in truth. She is REAL!