The Art of Transformation: The Butterfly

The cultural meaning of a butterfly varies throughout the world, though we are most familiar with its importance as a being of transformation. As such, it is fitting that the butterfly can at once carry a multitude of meanings based on differences in size, shape, or color. Butterflies, like people, are a diverse speciesdown to their very genetic makeup. The butterfly is the only living creature capable of entirely changing its genetic structure. Out of its chrysalis, the butterfly emerges with a completely different DNA than its former caterpillar self. 

There is a certain magic that we share with the butterfly. This magic, the magic of belief in change, symbolizes the power to make choices in our lives to choose a way of being. The butterfly's transformative power shows us how we can choose to redefine ourselves in mind, body and spirit. Like the butterfly, we have the power to believe our thoughts can determine how our DNA is expressed. Bruce H. Lipton, PHDs Biology of Belief proves this through scientific evidence. In the book, he explains how the biochemical effects of brain functioning and our cells are affected by our thoughts. As humans we have the power to change how our DNA expresses itself. We can transform, too. First, however, we need to believe. If you believe then you can find your way no matter the obstacles.

Butterfly Medicine represents the courage to carry out changes that are necessary in the process of growth and healing. This is a story about life's struggles.