Figural and abstract iconic forms depict the divine spirit of creativity. The feminine spirit is the act of creation with intuition. 

Feminine power is not gender specific -- it refers to the power from "within".  it is inclusive rather than exclusive or related to having power over others. It deals with the psychological, sociological, and scientific benefit in recognizing "the new super-nature" -- a conscious change that is happening in human evolution. 

This series, depicts feminine perception through religious text, cultural idealism, and universal themes and contexts. 

The Women series makes visible issues of emotion, vulnerability, and abandonment. It addresses women's worst fears through visual questions -- "Am I Lovely?" "Do you see me?" "Do you want to see me?" "Who do you want me to be?"

"Through the secret power of vision, sympathy is the education of the spectator from the point of view of the artist."

Wassily Kandinsky